Thursday, October 28, 2010

We’re Home and So is Libby

IK, you already know from previous posts that Grenville and I are back home at the Frog and PenguINN after our Maine road trip. Since we didn’t mention anyone with us, the question may be (or not) who is Libby?

Libby is a not a who – it’s my 2007 Jeep Liberty.  Back in mid-September, my Stuff Happens post described how a $20 oil change resulted in (what we thought would be) a $3,000 repair bill

A brief recap: we were headed for service when another driver didn’t see Grenville’s left turn signal and rammed into the left rear quarter panel. Thankfully, there were no human injuries. Libby was “hurt” and the tail lights were smashed, bumper cracked, rear quarter panel bashed, tail lift damaged, cut in rear tire –  but no glass was broken and no air bags deployed – maybe a few thousand dollars in damages?

NOT QUITE – make that a $6,235 repair bill.

Before we left, an insurance adjustor appraised the damage at $3,544. A week later, the repair facility told us it would be closer to $4,500 – apparently both were a bit off – it  seems there’s no clear cut way of estimating damages until repairs are actually underway. The 4-page auto appraisal report listed all sorts of repairs from the left rear axle to the rear tail lamp and tire. Biggest costs were labor and sheet metal, followed by parts. No surprises there.

Here’s a few shots of the “after” repairs. Alas, no camera with me the day of the crash, so no “before” photos.

libby collageIt’s good to be home !  liberty fix1010 (1) Our thoughts too.


grammie g said...

Hi is always nice to go but nice to be home too!! Libby probably needs a rest !!
Thanks again for the trip...whats next ?? : }

OldBikeRider said...

Well, welcome home and thanks for supporting the economy by traveling and fixing your car. That was a some trip! I haven't read every post, but you guys sure do a good job of educating us. I have taken college courses from which I retained less new knowledge. And I love the wild flowers!

possum said...

Uh huh? And you laughed when I asked if Libby was totaled... Did you notice that expression on my face when you said $3000????? Remember the possum saying they would double that before they were done????
Been there, done that, could not afford the T shirt.
Sorry guys. Glad Libby is home. BE CAREFUL out there...
And I am glad you are home!

Out on the prairie said...

Never had it go up or down, my last run in they totalled it leaving me looking for payments.

Anvilcloud said...

JEEPers! That's pricey.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Hi Grammie G, yes Grenville, myself and Libby are glad to be home. Now it's on to fall yard work projects. Temps have finally cooled down and it's nice to be working outdoors this weekend. You're welcome for the trip - next trip is to Georgia at Thanksgiving and of course we'll be posting about that one.

Thanks OBR, we sure tried to give the economy a boost as our credit card statement will show! Thankfully, the car repairs were covered by insurance less a $100 deductible. We sure enjoy those wild flowers - less grass to cut.

Hey Possum, you called that one. Never had repairs done so had no idea how much it could escalate. WHEW glad that's done with and thanks for being glad we're home :-)

Out on the Prairie - Yikes, sure glad that didn't happen cause this will be my last new car for awhile so it has to stick around. And since it's already paid for was very thankful it was not totalled - enough said about that. Sorry you had to face payments - bummer.

Yes, AC and CREEPERS too - it certainly was costly!

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