Tuesday, October 5, 2010

More Trains

We heard about some trains that were out of town. They are privately owned and near the end of the Belfast & Moosehead right of way. They all need TLC in a major dose. I am hoping to meet the owner before we head south.
 P1030032P1030031P1030036 P1030040
P1030035 P1030034
From what i could see the interior of the station is still original with some of the original furniture.


possum said...

Hey! Is that red 'boose for sale? Go halvsies with ya on it... Wouldn't it look good down here on the platform?
OR - we could turn it into a gift shop like the one you guys visited...

Sissy said...

well, how neat! The station made me think of one in Possum's town.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sissy. I wish it was the one in Posums town. This one doesn't leak when it rains.
Possum, i will try to worrk a deal on the caboose, but i think you make have to come pick it up. I think daily caboose rides to Pokomoke City would be a real fund raiser. Think Larry will let us hookup to his trains?????

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