Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Our Slow Southern Drift

Well we’ve made it to Brunswick Maine. The colors are changing as we mosey south but Beatrice will fill you in on that. Today we spent time wandering around the downtown area. I’ve been a fan of interesting doors for a while, and Brunswick turned out to be fertile ground for this.

Doors 1

Downtown also had interesting windows.

P1030296 P1030297

This is the same window in both pictures. No, you are not looking from the inside out. You are looking from the outside in. The table is set for dinner, and you’re seeing a reflection in the window. Beatrice is a master of the reflection shot, but for me this one is pretty good .

I also like to look up at things like buildings that have some neat architectural feature.

P1030293 P1030323

P1030340The first is an old mill building that has been rehabbed into a combination of office and retail spaces. I love saving old buildings. The next two are of the science building on the Bowdoin College campus. And this campus provided even more neat doors.

Doors 1 

And then there are signs and scenes that just tickle my funny bone.


Seems like this toy store has “played itself out!!!!” Did i mention i like puns?????



I wonder if you can get all of them at the same time?????





At first i thought this sign said ‘Tonite”. I looked again and thought maybe they misspelled it. But it was neither. This is the name of a small mall with some specialty shops. I have no idea what it means. Maybe someone's name.


This one is over the main door of the Science Building on the Bowdoin campus. What is thought provoking is the last line. “Natures laws are God’s thought”. Something modern science seems to have forgotten.



And last but not the end, an important thought for autumn::::::                   Don’t forget,,,,,,, Mums the word!!!!!


Anvilcloud said...

You guys put a lot of work into these pics and blogs. It's nice to see that.

Here I Am/Carrie said...

Thanks for stopping in at my place. I love it here too. I love how you are presenting so many of you photos. Really love the doors. Great use of the collages.. Enjoy your trip looks like you are really seeing alot.

Montanagirl said...

Hey - nice captures one and all. Love the doors.

Elaine said...

Nice architectural shots. The doors are great, and such variety.

Krista said...

Wow! There are so many neat things to see! I love the doors and all of the architectural details. Great shots! Thanks for the tour. :o)

Anonymous said...

HI Kids,
So glad that everyone liked the doors. There are a few series like that coming up. Thanks to everyone for stopping by to see what we are up to.

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