Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Did you see that????

As we’ve been traveling through Maine one thing that’s impressed me is that folks here like saving things from the past. And not just save them but restore and keep them in good condition. Maybe it’s the Yankee Spirit.

After a huge fire in the 1860’s, the folks in Portland rebuilt using brick this time. The different architectural styles we found in the ‘Old Port’ section were amazing. Today i was concentrating on windows. Here are a few.
Notice the name in the top right corner. I never knew we were here. Like most old New England towns the streets here are narrow and many are still cobblestone and he sidewalks are various age bricks.


Lois Evensen said...

Cool. It's so lovely how architects put so much into the artistic rather than just the practical.

I'm a window and door person, too. My favorite place to take pictures of them is in Venice.

Anonymous said...

AHHHH Venice!!!! Wait a minute, i've never been there!!!!! But i'll believe you till we get there. Thanks as always for hanging out with us. Tomorrow is trolley and ferry rides.

Elaine said...

The windows are great! I am always amazed at all the brick buildings in the Eastern states. I grew up on the West Coast and living there and in Alaska you just don't see too many brick buildings. I also loved all the fieldstone buildings we saw in PA.

Anvilcloud said...

Windows and doors are great photo subjects.

possum said...

I guess when you grow up with these buildings they are just a part of "home" and as everyday as the leaves on the tree.
We used to have some interesting bldgs here, tho bricks had to be imported... but the new comers couldn't wait to tear them down and put up modern crap. Then someone talked so many people into sand blasting their brick bldgs to "clean them up" and weakened them by blasting off the natural weatherproofing on the surface.
I am glad some of the old blgds are still intact.
How'd ya like the cobblestone streets? Try walking them in heels! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Morning Kids,
Not all areas of the EC are good archetechually Elaine. As Possum says, many places had to import bricks. Up here it seems to be major fires that cause the change to bricks.
And Possum, you know i don't have the legs for heels :-)....

Patty said...

I love the Yankee spirit. Too many people want to tear down the past.

Sounds like you have been having a great time. I have been way busy. Weather has been nice, but raining today. Hope you get to Limerick. I did an assignment there once. Cute place. Also, hope you make it to Vinalhaven. That used to be my favorite place in Maine.

Anonymous said...

Hi Patty. The furthest we will get off shore is the ferry to Peaks Island on Friday. Have you seen the wind turbines on Vinalhaven???? Really ugly!!!!!

Patty said...

Say it ain't so. Wind turbines on my favorite place? Guess I'll skip that destination next time.

A beautiful day fall day here. Have a good time on Peaks Island.

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