Friday, October 22, 2010

A Peak at Peaks

YES, this was our last day in Maine, so we took a trip to a place that is special to one of our followers and a good friend. Also $4.10 round trip was cheaper than a harbor tour cruise.
P1030752Peaks Island is actually part of the City of Portland, but once here you would never know it. After a very cold ferry ride we stopped for coffee at the Peaks Cafe, a place where you felt right at home when you walked in. So at home that if you sat in someone’s favorite chair they would tell you about it. Today was chilly, windy, and full of dramatic clouds again.
We didn’t walk the whole island due to the chill and a 25 mph breeze. Here is a sample of the cottages we saw.
Peak's Is 
ThP1030788is one is for you Possum. We put a bid in on this lot for you. Only problem is I can’t remember what street it was on.
AND YES…. we have your rocks.
The strangest pic of the day was this one. Notice thP1030756e California plates  and the cord to plug it in. So the question for me would be, if they drove it here where did they plug in and recharge crossing the desert, plains, mountains????


grammie g said...

Hi Folks ...hate to see you leave ,but it was nice traveling and revisiting my home state with you!!
Peaks Island I have not been to but, my daughter and grandson make the trip over once every summer and take there mountain bikes around the island!! They live quite near there.
Safe travel!!

Elaine said...

I love the first photo on the water with the sun shining down through the clouds! Peaks Island looks very interesting, with some very nice looking houses. That car is really a puzzle. Perhaps it was a tow-behind on a motorhome, or else it was hauled on a truck. No way could it get across some of the long stretches of nowhere when you drive out of California. It kind of puts me in mind of those little teeny dogs that you hesitate to call a dog--I would hesitate to call this a car. Now, mind you, my car, as well as all the other cars here in Fairbanks, has an electrical cord sticking out the front too. However, it's used to heat up your engine when the weather gets frigid. Not quite the same thing. And, alas, the puzzle of this car is one you will probably never be able to solve.....

Anonymous said...

Wonderful houses! And I love to see the ocean any day. It´s the only thing I miss from my old home town.
I especially like the top photo but the one with the fishing boat is great too!

Have a safe trip home!

possum said...

I know you could feel me smiling across those miles... Your phone call from the Cafe' brought tears to my eyes.
Thanks for going by, glad you enjoyed it in spite of the high winds. At nearly $40 a trip, you can see why Islanders leave their 'real' cars in Portland. But on a blustery day you can see how nice a car would be on the island, even a little plug in!
I know the island has changed, so crowded by comparison, but the view doesn't change, only the size of the white caps. Didja hear the bell buoys clanging from Torrington Point? Funny, it was windy here, too, yesterday, and my Maine wind bells were clanging out in the back yard.

You have made me dig out a lot of old photos and post some more... sigh.

Thanks guys. I know that trip was for you - but it was for me, too. I'll help ya cut your grass when you get home!

Out on the prairie said...

Too bad they didn't prewarn you of the weather there. Gives you an excuse to get a sweatshirt with the island name.Beautiful shots you shared.

Anonymous said...

Good Morning everyone from Ronks Pa. (near Lancaster) I'm so glad everyone enjoyed our trip to Peaks. If you have a chance to go there take it. As to the electric car, many of the folks here have electric cars or golf carts since the island speed limit is 20 mph(and fuel to the island is very expensive). I take no credit for the beautioful clounds, just being lucky to have captured some of their beauty and sharing it with you. Yes Possum it did seem a little crowded but that's what happens when you get sewers. Could even happen to Onley (next century). The weather has changed for us Out on the Prairie. Today it is heading to the lower 70's here in Lancaster. Hope i can find those shorts i packed away in the car. And when we get home on Wednesday it will be in the 80's. Thanks for the nice comments Crister. Sometimes my feeble attempts at photography turn out good.

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