Thursday, June 24, 2010

Weather you like it or not,

it is another scorcher here. 1135 hrs temp=94.6F HI=103.5F and it is still rising, barometer is falling and there is not a cloud on the radar.

On the bright side today is Mid Summer Day. And what is that you may ask (and i‘m going to tell you whether you asked or not). In olden days farmers considered June 24 to be the mid point in the growing season, half way between planting and harvesting and a time for celebration.  For more on this you can go to

Mid Summer Day

At the F&P we have been harvesting since the weekend. Today was minimal with some cuc’s, yellow squash, and a zuc (before it go baseball bat size). Lunch will be cuc sandwiches and tea. Then a nap (inside), Environmental Education Council meeting and dinner (fresh quiche that Beatrice made at 5 am this morning) with friends (Marty & Bob). 

And thanks for all of the cool thoughts. As long as the AC is going, and the Sirius Radio stays connected we are happy to stay inside and for me, catch up on a lot of paperwork that seems to fall through the cracks.

Hope ya’ll have a great day, stay cool, and send rain if you can.

1300 hrs Temp=96.1 HI=107.9 Hum=41% Bar falling.


The cottage by the Cranelake said...

Over here the temperature finally is rising and they say it´ll be warm and sunny for at least a week. Nothing is even close to be harvested over here yet, my tomatoes has not even started to flower yet :-) The cold spring and early summer has made evrything a couple of weeks late now.

I hope the temperature will drop some over at Yours!
Take care in the heat now!

Lois Evensen said...

Goodness, I hope it's cooler there soon. It's hot here, too, but not as bad as there. We like our Sirius Radio, too, especially in the car when we can't be watching our favorite news on TV. ;)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Christer and Lois for the cool thoughts. We are now in a 'severe thunderstorm warning' for another hour. Watching the storm move north of us on weather radar now and hope we get a little. Going to go now before i lose the internet conn.

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