Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Cool thoughts on a Hot Day

I was rummaging around in my hard drive and found a little gem i wrote in the winter before i really got into the blogging thing. This was written last February during one of our few snow storms.
It snowed today. We got about 10 inches which is a big deal for the Eastern Shore. No I didn’t go out and measure it yet (see tomorrows post). Most folks Mailbox here DO NOT go out in the snow… ‘just them damn come-here’s from Jersey go out in the snow…. Damn fools will go out as long as the snow ain’t over their headlights. And then they just throw their SUV’s in four wheel drive and keep on going. They’re a real mess, bless their hearts’.
Well not all the Jersey come here’s go out. Some of us who have lived through many snow storms and near blizzards, some lasting three daySeaman Ave.s and leaving three feet of snow, have actually found that sitting back and enjoying a snow fall can be a wonderful and enjoyable pastime. Of course this is not something we learned in our younger years. Back then, before four wheel drive, we just put the snow chains on the rear wheels and got on with business, as long as the snow wasn’t over the headlights.
But the meshing of Jersey Shore and Eastern Shore philosophies has helped me create a unique individual philosophy.
This afternoon I started worrying that I needed to get out there and clear the driveway bFront 1efore the town plows came through and mounded us in. Mounding is a phenomenon that occurs when the town plows go by and deposit hard frozen snow, grits, sand, salt and road debris across the opening of your driveway. This deposit is usually two or three times higher than the beautiful white snow on your lawn and requires heavy machinery, flame throwers, or high explosives to remove.
Then I remembered that our town has NO plows. And if we did we would not be allowed to use them since the town does not own the roads. Front 2 They are the sole property of the Commonwealth of Virginia. That same Commonwealth who is getting ready to again slice VDOT with another massive budget cut.
So what did I have to worry about? The 10 inches of snow would surely melt before I would ever see a plow. This led to a truly relaxed day of Banana Pancakes, some blogging, snow pictures (from the window of course), two naps, reading some wisdom from Dave Barry with hot chocolate, a wonderful Chicken Rice casserole with fresh French bread (made by me. Not a chance you would find that here), some delicious red wine, and the wonderfully romantic company of my Beatrice.
Sorry but the photos are from a blizzard we had in 2003 while living on the Jersey Shore. I hope you enjoyed some chilling thoughts on a hot afternoon.


Lois Evensen said...

Gee, I'm looking around for a coat! It's fun to think cold at the end of June. :)

Anonymous said...

LOL, I wish i had found this sooner. Today has been one of my 'slow days' when there are no creative juices flowing and it is too hot to get involved in a big project. I actually did plow our drive and some neighbors this winter just for the fun of it. Have to keep up my reputation as 'the crazy come-here yankee'.

possum said...

AH yes, I remember that email and those pictures....
Looking fwd to tomorrow's lower temps. But don't think we will see any snow for a while... Gotta get thru hurricane season first.

Anonymous said...

Quick,,, turn off the air and open all the windows..... It's great today!!!!!!
AND it's not just me thinking of cooler weather. Tractor Supply sent their "Thanksgiving Sale" ad in the email this morning... WOW!!!!
BUT they corrected it an hour later,,,, OH WELL!!!

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