Friday, June 11, 2010

The Snag

As we all know every project has a hidden snag. The Green House snag was a strange system to secure the base to what ever foundation you have used. Since we are using 1.5” thick patio blocks it will be necessary to somehow screw or secure it in 14 places to the underlying block. This i have deduced that this will require 14 2-2.5” toggle bolts of which i have 0 at the moment. SOOOOO first thing tomorrow morning it will be off to the lumberyard for the elusive toggle bolts. THEN we can secure the base to the foundation, lift the green house assembly and set it on the base and secure the green house to the base (got all that?). Then put all of the finishing touches on and get ready to celebrate. In the mean time here’s a look at what the days work has produced. (hope it produces tomatoes in January)

IMG_0459  IMG_0460

It’s gonna look better with some potting benches in there. AND it’s really gonna look kwel decorated for Christmas.


edifice rex said...

See if you can use Tapcons instead of toggle bolts. Not sure how they (bolts) would work anyway. Tapcons can be taken back out and reused; they are just a big screw made for masonry products. You can get them at any Lowe's etc. Just need a hammer drill but you are going to need that anyway. They are very easy and quick. I'd get at least 1/4" diameter.

Anonymous said...

WOW Rex,thanks for the idea. I just checked Lowes to see what they were and if they will hold in patio blocks (which are mostly sand and a little concrete) that would be perfect. Hope the local hw store has them [lowes is 45 min ride for us].

Lois Evensen said...

Hey, lookin' good! :) I would love to have one of those. I will have to send My Honey over here to take a look. ;)

jaz@octoberfarm said... looks great!!! i can't wait to see al the things you do with it!

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