Sunday, June 27, 2010

Salads x 4

Today’s post was going to describe the Strawberry Festival that Grenville and I went to in Marion Station, MD yesterday. This town’s claim to fame is that it was once known as “The Strawberry Capital of the World.”

But that post was delayed today because my dear Grenville went  into garden despite the sweltering and continuing heat and humidity Yes, friends we still have the HOT temps and no rain in sight.
Current conditions as of 3:00 PM EDT
Fair - 96° feels Like:  106 °F  (heat index)
Barometer:  29.79 in and falling
Humidity:  44 %
Visibility:  10 mi
Dew point: 72 °F
Wind: WSW 10 mph
Today’s harvest included green beans, cukes and zukes (again), beets, green peppers and tomatoes (only a couple of each, but more coming SOON), red onions, and yellow squash.
So the post on that adventure will be delayed a bit as this morning was devoted to salad making which used up some – but 4 salads 062710 3 not all the veggies. So, we’re fairly well set for salads for a few days: tri-color pasta salad, green bean and kidney bean salad, sour cream cucumbers, and tomato salad (new one today).
tomato salad 062710 
Previous blogs have included ingredients for 3 out of these 4 salads, so I won’t repeat the making. The tomato salad is the only new one and is so easy: cut up tomatoes, green pepper, onion and mix with fresh chopped bail (if available), oregano, salt and pepper , olive oil and red wine vinegar.

F&P Note: Tomatoes have never heard that too much sodium is bad, and really like salt, which seems to bring out the taste. Check the salad before serving and salt to your preference.


Anvilcloud said...

Thankfully, we're still keeping it pretty cool here.

I think it would be amazing to sit at your table. Grenville must be a happy man.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Anvil. You are always welcome to our table when in our area.
AND yes i am a happy man due to Princess Beatrice ;-]]

Lois Evensen said...

Any of those salads could be a whole meal for me, well maybe with a piece of bread, in this heat. They all look wonderful!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

As Grenville replied earlier, Anvil, you and Cuppa are welcome at the Frog & PenguINN anytime!

And they were delicious with the rotissiere chicken that Grenville cooked today. Of course, we will have both chicken and salads for the next few days. It's great not to have to cook on hot days!

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