Thursday, June 10, 2010

Good Friends and Quiche

Thanks to a couple of good friends, B & J, we’re having Swiss-Vegetable Quiche for dinner tonight. They didn’t help cook and unfortunately they won’t be joining us. And, unless I send a note they won’t even know about dinner and their contribution. This is not the first time they have unwittingly helped with dinner – it’s the second time!

What DID they contribute to the quiche?  CHEESE!

How come they don’t know about our thanks and dinner?
Both B & J work in government/military jobs where they don’t blog-surf or social network – EVER. To keep in touch, we rely on the old-fashioned methods of phone calls and cards. Maybe I’ll send a copy of this post.

The cheese came during the holidays when B & J sent a package with quiche cheese0610 3 large cheeses – 2 cheddars and a Swiss. All were sealed in a wax coating; we stored them in the back of the fridge. We used one of the cheddars for a quiche in April and in omelets and salads. Today’s quiche was made using Swiss – LOTS of it.

zucchini basket 0709Know the BEST thing about quiche? It’s like making stew. You get to use veggies from the fridge or frozen from last year’s  harvest. Today’s quiche had fresh broccoli, frozen zucchini (I know it doesn’t freeze well so no freezing it THIS year), scallions and fresh basil (thanks to our neighbor, Vicki).

F&P Note: This quiche recipe is totally flexible. You can substitute different veggies, add chicken or shrimp…GO wild and EXPERIMENT!

Swiss-Vegetable Quiche

Make your own crust or use a refrigerated pie crust. such as Pillsbury®  brand; we always have a package in the freezer (defrost first!)

2 C (or more) of shredded cheese  - SWISS
2 tbsp flour
1 C milk
4 eggs
1 /2 to 3/4 cup chopped scallions, including white stalks or onions 
2 C chopped broccoli , zucchini, peppers or whatever other veggies are available
1/4 tsp oregano, parsley, marjoram, fresh basil your choice
salt  & pepper to taste

  1. Preheat oven to 425° and bake crust per package directions for one-crust pie. Reduce oven temp to 375°
  2. Combine cheese and flour and toss to coat.
  3. Beat eggs and milk in small bowl.
  4. Sauté vegetables in olive oil (my choice) or butter; add herbsquiche veggies0610
  5. Sprinkle cheese in bottom of cooled crust.
  6. Add veggies on top of cheese.
  7. Pour egg and milk on top; add more cheese (if desired) 

Return to oven; bake at 375° for 40-45 minutes or until knife inserted in center comes out clean. Cool before serving.

quiche baked0610 (4)

Serving suggestion: salad, glass of ice tea and dining on front porch – unless it’s raining out and, as long as the porch has a roof, so what?


Lois Evensen said...

It looks terrific! Thanks for including the recipe. :)))

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

And it tasted even better, especially after an lawn cutting and taking showers. As long as a quiche recipe includes cheese, eggs, mils and veggies it's hard to mess it up too much.

Anonymous said...

The Princess's quiche always has lots of delicitudes.

Anvilcloud said...

I like it but have never tried to take it. Or did I once, and is that why I haven't tried to make it since? Could be, but I'm not sure. :)

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