Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Glad you all are enjoying

and sharing some of our insanity. Or is this our attempt to laugh at ourselves and be comfortable with it. For too long I was a more serious guy and did have some image concerns. BUT during an epiphany (don’t ya just love that word?) i took stock of what i liked and disliked about myself. Most of the dislikes are gone and i am comfortable with me just as i am. It is a what you see is what you get outlook. And if you don’t like what you see, then GO AWAY!!!!!

So here i sit here giggling to get myself out of a serious hole (yes that is where i keep the seriousness, in a hole). So sit back and have a laugh on yourself. AND remember, self depreciative humor eliminates most of the chances of getting Put Down. It keep them laughing with you and not at you. So hang in there gang and enjoy our adventures.


It is in transit somewhere between Hodgkins Ill. and here, AND should be here tomorrow (see the excited look on my face).

More later.


Anvilcloud said...

What fun you'll have the the greenhouse!

A self deprecating sense of humor is a very good thing, thinks I.

Krista said...

Ah great that the greenhouse is almost there. In fact by the time you get my comment it's probably already there and I'm just too far behind to have read that post yet. *sigh* I'll get to it eventually. I'm faithful that way. lol

I LOVE your statement that relatives should make an appointment. LOL! Too true!

Have a lovely Friday!

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