Sunday, March 7, 2010


Today's big farm news is that the TOMATOES ARE UP!!!!!! Out of the 12 we are starting about 6 are up so far. There will be 6 each of Margarita Plums, Celebrity and Rutgers plants. Last year we learned that this is all we really need for fresh fruit during the season and plenty for canning. We also learned to give them a lot of room. Tomatoes like any other plants, like to breather fresh air. By leaving enough space in between the buildup of oxygen is reduced and the flow of CO2 is increased. The final step is keeping them evenly moist which sounds much easier than it really is. Not wet and never dried out. This year we will more drip irrigation and paper mulch then ever before. This should allow us to grow much healthier fruits with less weeding and an easier time harvesting.

Since it is Sunday, it is Safari Day. We are heading up to Pokomoke Md to Lowes and Tractor Supply with a stop along the way to see some friends. Tomorrow (since it is too wet to work here) will be a work day with VA Dept. of Conservation & Recreation helping to plant 2400 Wax Myrtle (Morella cerifera) shrubs at the Magothy Bay Preserve.

Picture of that to come.

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