Thursday, March 18, 2010

Leapin' Leprechans

Yeppers, that is what we had here yesterday. In

fact they were so intense we could barely get near a 'puter so there was no posts. But Bubba gave them a real run for their gold. By the time he was done the poor leprechans were wore to a frazzle and had to hand over lots of gold so Bubba would release them....

BUT Beatrice, being the great photographer she is, was able to get some shots of the Corned Beef before it was devoured. Grandson Bubba helped me fix dinner. Of course after his help we were quite a few carrots short, but we made it. The family descended about 4:30 and the merriment and excitement flowed till the wee hours of the evening. Unfortunately, son in law had to go back to work. Something called INVENTORY.... I think this has to do with inventing something, or maybe venting or some other high thinking activity.

Today Bubba and I and Grandma are going to the park to count birds and chase squirrels.
AND if all goes well, we may get some Pizza (yep real pizza) for lunch....

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