Sunday, March 14, 2010

Reflections..NOT on Life

Finally, it's sunny out today, but not for long. In the past 10 minutes, the skies have clouded over and the rumblings have started. Thunderstorms are on the way - AGAIN. The overnight rains included a couple of thunderstorms with some really loud claps and not the applause ones. Last night's downpours added to already waterlogged front and back yards, as we saw on a morning walk around the neighborhood. The F&P backyard is very soggy and it will be awhile before spring planting starts. Speaking of gardens, here's a neighbor's that's all underwater, but the reflections were pretty nice. Other backyards were turned into waterfront scenes which are scenic, but not for the homeowners.

This picture was taken just down the street near this sign... Ya think?

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