Saturday, March 20, 2010

Morning in Mooorocco

Well morning broke early. At least that its what someone told me since I was deeply involved with my pillow. But it is almost like being at home in spring. Just Ode du Bovine instead of Chicken Delight.

Right now we are having breakfast with a family of about 50 or so ranging in age from Gramps to obnoxious little kids that need to go play in the elevator pit. BUT the breakfast was passable here. Cheese omelet, sausage, muffins, fruit, All of which was frozen and then re -nuked. At least it was not all carbs.

Our new friends are getting ready to hit the Pretzel Factory. I'm considering calling the place and warning them. The Princess says i can't. Oh well.....

We on the other hand are heading over to Youngest Daughters and heading out to the Farmers Market and then to a Nature Preserve she has found.

Dinner tonight is her choice of a new place she wants to try.

Weather has really fooled us. Didn't need the sweatshirts and glad I have some nice tee shirts, but should have packed a polo or two.

Soo we are off and running for the day.

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