Saturday, March 13, 2010

Rain, Rain, go away,

come back in August when we really need you.......

OK OK OK so the poetry was not up to my usual low standard. It is not easy. BUT that is just the kind of day it is here. Since this started on Thursday night we have had 2.21 inches of rain (now 2.24). This is on top of the 40 or so inches we have had this winter. On the bright side I have a new Johnny's seed catolog with lots of info, the rest of the tomatoes are popping up, and I have a good book for later. AND the princess has decreed that all subjects should stay in their jammies or sweats today and eat chili soup later on. The question of the day is: how deep do tomatoe plant roots go? If left alone after planting will they stretch down to the water table which is usually about 2-3 feet below surface?
How 'bout some feedback..... (rain is up to 2.40" now)

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