Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dinner Most Fowl

Roasted chicken was on tonight's dinner menu along with some fresh steamed asparagus. We forgot to have the camera ready for the roasted bird's "photo op" but trust us this was a good looking bird and delicious too. OK, so there's no secret to roasting a chicken and information is printed right on the packaging. But, what's NOT there is how to season it. Today was a chilly day outside, but inside the F&P the roasting fowl smelled great.

Are you ready, here's my not-so-secret method (especially not after posting here). Wash off and then soak the chicken in salted water for at least a half hour. Chop up some rosemary (preferably fresh) and several garlic gloves, and mix together with a bit of olive oil to make a paste. Drain the bird and towel dry. Season the inside with pepper, salt and poultry seasoning. Cut a small onion in half chunk it. Put some inside the cavity and some at the bottom of the roasting pan with about a cup or more of water - enough so the bottom is covered - amount depends on the size of your roasting pan. Tuck the rosemary-garlic paste under the breast skin. Coat the skin with olive oil, sprinkle some paprika (smoked is nice) and put in a 350° oven for the recommended cooking time. Use a thermometer to test for doneness - 185° and the bird is cooked (drat, wanted to say goose).

Roast the bird in an uncovered stainless steel roasting pan for a crusty and browned skin - paprika and olive will do that nicely. Just set the bird on a rack so it doesn't rest in the drippings.
And, we know you are warned not to eat the skin, but honestly WHO hasn't ever not done that.

Tomorrow, the carcass will be used for some homemade chicken soup.

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