Friday, March 26, 2010

"It's raining, It's pouring...

Wait a minute, the sun is coming out so I guess it should be "Sunshine on my shoulder makes me.." Oh No, dark clouds coming in from the west.... This is going to be one of those days. So my original decision to stay in my Jammies all day long is final.

BUT lots has gotten accomplished lately. I tried out my idea to get more exercise by using a push, well pull me along, mower to cut the back field and now know that i can accomplish it in a mere 3 hours. AND that included a few water breaks. So now I know what will be on my Friday afternoon schedule.

The soil testing turned out to be a waste. The kit was old and nothing came out so a new one gets ordered today. What i did find out is how really really wet the soil is under the pine straw. After much though and deliberation we may try tilling just the first plot tomorrow by staying on the pine straw so we don't sink into the soil. That should mix in the pine and open the soil to better drying. Oh yea, we have had .66 inches of rain so far this morning and are due for more this afternoon.

Planted 6 Broccoli and 6 Cauliflower this morning so i will have a little head start when we finally put them out. BUT that will not be until after Easter somewhere around the 15th of the month if the soil warms up a little more. So far it has been holding between 52 and 55 degrees (54.0@0930hrs). Tomatoes are doing well and are almost ready for repotting. Peppers and Eggplant were repotted this week and are doing much better in the BIG pots.

Beatrice has had a Chicken simmering all morning and it smells like it needs taste testing. More later.


Jim Bower said...

Chicken simmering in the Pennsylvania Dutch tradition?

Anonymous said...

No, just the Irish, and Shore tradition of boiling it to death and then some. Makes the whole house smell great. AND it tased great for dinner. Nothing like a Boiled Bird!!!!

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