Friday, March 19, 2010

Chance Meetings in a small world

They say that the world is getting smaller and I have to agree. We may be separated by even less than the reported 6 degrees.

Where we stay is close to the airport and has a lot of airline personnel staying there. We like to ask what "exotic" destinations they are heading for. Yesterday one attendant was on her way to Aruba. NICE!!!!!

This morning as we were having breakfast Beatrice started a conversation with one of these folks. He was going to Manchester New Hampshire on a commuter run. Somehow it came up that we live on the Shore, and he happened to have a cousin that lived there. To make a long story short, we know his cousin. He was amazed!!!!

This afternoon as we were approaching the bridge over the Delaware River the traffic came to a halt. The signs ahead said that there was construction at the toll booths after the bridge. We were in the center lane and the fellow next to us in the right lane rolled down his window. I guess he noticed we were from out of state and took pity on us. He told us that the fastest lane over the bridge was the right, and then to get into the center going through the toll booths. Just to follow him. As we crept along the signs announced that the 2 left lanes (out of 3) were closed. So we followed close and he got us through it all.

So two chance meeting added a little fun and happiness to the day. A day that has been a long one which is why this was not very humorous. I'll try to do better tomorrow after a good nights sleep.

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