Friday, March 19, 2010

On the Road to Mooorocco

Bob and Bing may have had the road to Morocco but today we are heading down the highway to the Land of Moo. We have decided that the urban life has definitely been purged from us and we long for our ruraldom of the Shore. 

BUT today we will make a side trip Lancaster PA to visit with Younger Daughter (Princess Sleeps Alot) and BoyFriend. We heard that we are going to do some Farm Markets and then dinner at a Italian Restaurant she has heard is really good.... AND we get to see lots of COWS, Bodacious Bovines, and Contented Cud Chewers.

More from the road if we find a wi-fi spot among the silos and soggy fields.

I was going to add an audio clip of me singing "On the Road Again" but Willie emailed and said it was not a good idea.

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