Sunday, January 30, 2011

What do you mean where is Grenville????? I’m right here!!!!

Actually almost everyone was right in their guesses where i was. But Possum wins the Super Sleuther Award. And as Poetic Justice she gets a full day of weeding at the F&P. Just pick a day in late July or early August and the farm will be yours for the day.

Grammie i wish i was on my way back to Maine for some snow shoeing. Sounds like you’ll have lot of that later in the week. Elaine, you are so right about the call of the wood. I still haven’t figured which way is up on that piece in front of the shop. Sipping Blueberry juice was right Pat in MN but it has been too chilly to lite the fire on the patio. And out playing with JD is always on the schedule Christer. LOIS!!!!! You make it sound like i’m lost in the wilderness. Now that we have a ‘Super Wal-Mart’ there is no wilderness left here. AND Steve, don’t let the cat out of the hat full of spilt beans about the ‘Exotic Island Trip’ planned for Valentines day, her Birthday, and of course Muskrat Day (more on that as it unfolds). Don’t feel bad Mona, there are lots of daze when i’m not sure where i am either. Your right Ann. When the Jets and Patriots crumbled i hit the very bottom of favorite teams, and that was really stretching it. I’m not even sure if i’ll watch the Super Bowl.

SOOOOOOO ,,,, yes i have been a little busy of late. Between teaching English as a second language and working in the shop for the most part.
100_0266 100_0267 100_0268100_0269100_0284 - Copy 100_0272 
The first 5 photos are the same piece of walnut from start to finish. This years product is going to be candle holders. The last photo is a piece of wild cherry that was hanging around the shop for about a year and just begged to go for a ride on the lathe. It became a pair of tea light holders.

After patiently (not) waiting for something to break the surface, we finally have some Broccoli on the left and some Spinach on the right.
100_0290 100_0291  
You really have to look really close, but there is spinach and broccoli just starting. Their little cotyledon  leaves are barely visible.
train station (3)
And there was lots of stuff to do at the Historic Onley Train Station. About a week before Christmas the nice folks at the IRS sent us an early gift, our 501 C3 certificate. That makes us officially a Non Profit Tax Deductable organization and culminates a year and a half of work. Now we are in full gear going after some serious grant money so we can finally get a new roof. Then there was some Planning Commission stuff and Master Naturalist fun. And lets not forget those all important afternoon naps.

And you thought i was goofing off!!!!! BUT thanks to all for wondering where i was. Without you i might still be lost!!!!!!


grammie g said...

Hey Grenville...I'm surprised you even had time to do this post with all that waiting on you to get done!!
Well while your doing all that I'll probably goof of a bit and go snowshoeing LOL!!
Good to know your safe and doing plants look like they could use a little water ..better put that on the list!! : }}

diane b said...

Hey Grenville, I thought you were coming to visit me and Birthday Bear. Ah but I see you have to work on the farm. Oh Dear.

martymom said...

Hi Grenville,

I know you are never lost, just misplaced at times maybe. . . . Beatrice will always be able to find you even if we can not.

thecottagebythecranelakeolof1 said...

I´ve always wanted a lathe! But for a reason I just can´t figure out I never gotten around to buy one. I think I´ll look at ads this summer to see if I can find one.

Have a great day now!

Out on the prairie said...

So you are busy, I wondered if you were working with adults or kids. I worked with trilingual kids. I have done a little turning myself.

Montanagirl said...

Glad you're not lost. You do wonderful work.

L. D. Burgus said...

Your lathe work is wonderful. I really appreciate the different colors of wood and the different grain textures. I have some antique wood tables that I need to sand down and give them a new finish.

Elaine said...

You have been busy! Imagine you playing around at the old train station! That could seriously cut into your afternoon naptime. Your candleholders are lovely. Marty has been experimenting with making little boxes along with other bigger projects. Don't forget to water your little plants!

Grenville T. Boyd said...

Good Morning Folks. Thanks for all the comments. Grammie it's not nice to torture me with the snow shoeing when i have noting but mud here. Since you are in the middle of summer Diane we just may drop down under. Be Nice MartyMom. Remember i know where you live :-).
Be careful Christer. Turning can get really expensive when you see 'great new tools' that are expensive and don't work. I have 3 adults from Guatamala, Steve. All three are at different levels which makes for a challenge. Thank you Mona and L.D. Now i just need to sell some. I like the train station Elaine. If i get 'side tracked, derailed, or my caboose comes off the track' I'm sort of safe.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Grenville, so glad you have been found by fellow bloggers!

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