Thursday, October 7, 2010

Tim Taylor, eat your heart out!!!!

I had read about this tool shop in one of the many guide books i poured over before beginning this adventure but somehow had forgotten itP1030046 until i saw the sign on this mornings adventure. After jamming the brakes and turning we came to the Village of Liberty Maine. (Beatrice will tell you of the background of the village). This unassuming building is the home of The Liberty Tool Company, , and is full of old tools from the basement to the attic (yes i covered the entire place). And there is an annex across the street in an old gas station. Also in the collection is a huge assortment of vintage books and  vinyl records. This is just a small sample of what is inside. (Take note Ron)

P1030048  P1030051

P1030050   P1030052

Just to make things even more interesting is the Davistown Museum,, which is directly across the street. This museum holds an amazing collection of antique tools and books. Best part is that it is a ‘hands on’ museum where you can touch all of the tools and look through the books. Also in the museum building is the Maine Artists Guild Gallery, , displaying the works of 100+ local artists.

AND to add the icing to this cake is the Liberty Graphics Outlet Store on the first floor of the museum, , the original designer of nature T-shirts printed with water based ink. Unfortunately the other stores in the village were not open while we were there. Home_improvment_logo

For those of you who may not remember who Tim Taylor was, travel back to 1990 and the TV  show that launched Tim Allen’s acting career, Home Improvement.


Lois Evensen said...

Wow, how cool! My Honey would be manage to get lost in there for weeks!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lois,
Don't you ever sleep?????? Must be all that salt air you still have in you. Thanks again for being the first to comment. i think almost any guy would get lost in there. I did, but Beatrice was also lost across the street in the t-shirt outlet. Luckily we found each other again.

Elaine said...

Marty would happily spend all day in this store. Did I mention that he is a carpenter? He also really likes old tools. You know those stores that have a sign posted "This store is a difficult one for children"? Well, this one should be posted to warn wives before their husbands can get through the door.

Anonymous said...

Morning Elaine, Yes i remember that Marty is a carpenter. He would love this place if he like old hand tools. I have many of the normal hand tools but may attempt to do some really rustic work with only hand tools.

Anonymous said...

I love places like liberty tool :-) We´ve had places like that over here too, but when the owners gets to old they disappear.

By the way, the old tractor I have shown in my blog, the little tractor, is a Ferguson -54. I´ve never seen this model looking like this before, but it is original.

Anonymous said...

Hey Crister, I think i know where all those old tools go when the owner dies.... They must come over here to Maine.... beside this shop they have 2 more, i was in one today here in Searsport. Problem is that the hand tools that i would want,,, I already have from my father and grandfather....Hope my grandson wants them when i go.

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