Friday, October 29, 2010

Stewed Tomatoes

veggie end 1028 (1)YES, we have some tomatoes.

These were some that were in the F&P garden when we returned home – YEAH!

Yesterday, we picked and sorted tomatoes. A lot were overripe or rotten so were throwaways, some needed to ripen (green house for these) and others needed to be used ASAP. One use for tomatoes that need to be used quickly is stewed tomatoes – an easy side dish. 

Stewed tomatoes are tomatoes that have been skinned, seeded andcut tomatoes102910 cooked until softened. There are different options for cooking, such as adding a little water or broth; stew tomatoes in butter or olive oil or both.

The tomatoes took less than 10 minutes to cook. Seasonings are your choice – herbs (basil, oregano, marjoram), onions, garlic, salt and pepper.

stewed tomatoes102910 (2)Optional: Toss in some bread crumbs (seasoned or not) to thicken the tomatoes. The amount varies depending on your preference.

If you have a LOT of stewed tomatoes, you can make is a stewed tomato soup. Stew the tomatoes with onions and garlic that have been cooked in olive oil. Add beef or chicken broth plus Italian or French bread cubes to obtain a thick soup. Season with salt, pepper and, fresh basil, if available, (dried if not).

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