Saturday, June 12, 2010

Thank You

WOW!!!! Folks are actually following our blog… Thanks to Lois (sorry you missed dinner tonight, you are still invited), Jim and Ester who are lost in Austin Tx., and Ginnie for following the odessy  of the Green House.

Tonight we celebrated the opening, christening, beginning of the green house with some very special friends who we have known since before we ever moved here and were the first dinner guests on the first night we owned our house, Howard and Nancy. Dinner that night was pizza on the living room floor since that was the only room with heat (it was January).

Tonight we dined on smoked pork roast with apple sauce, wild rice (Beatrice had to beat it into the pot) and broccoli, with ice cream for desert.

Yes we have progressed a little since then.


possum said...

What? Did you eat all the beans I brought before you even got them in the house????
Tsk, Tsk!

Grenville T. Boyd said...

NO i did not eat all the beans. Didn't even spill the beans. in fact they may get steamed tonight for dinner.

Lois Evensen said...

Hi, We just couldn't drive fast enough last night to get there for dinner. :) We're sorry we missed the good company and food. And, I sure wanted to show My Honey that greenhouse. *nudge, nudge, wink, wink*

Krista said...

You have to be careful with that wild rice. There goes the neighbourhood. LOL!

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