Friday, June 18, 2010

A short trip down the road

We did just that this morning after kidnapping our friend Possum. Well maybe not kidnapping but she came along for the fun ride which started off with breakfast at our favorite dinner. Next we headed south on US Rt. 13. Now you have to understand something about the Eastern Shore. It’s 20 miles wide and 70 miles long. The Atlantic Ocean is on one side (east for you Geogophers) and the Chesapeake Bay is on the other (west, see above). Now you got the picture, long and skinny. There are only 3 north-south roads on the shore with US Route 13 in the center and being the largest (4 lanes all the way) and fastest (55 mph 50% of the time. Nice State Troopers here and there that will become your new friend if you speed). Now the road on the bay side is called ‘Bayside Road’ and the road on the seaside is called ‘Seaside Road’ (who woulda thought there was so much creativity out here). Each is about 1.5 lanes wide and also are 55 mph with lots of nice turns and twists and deep ditches on both side (sometimes even across the road during heavy rains).

So now most of you are saying ‘where is he going with this????’ Ok, most of you remember we live in a sort of rural area and get to see stuff you city slickers miss especially during Harvesting time (right now we are harvesting winter wheat and barley). So here is what we saw this morning as we traveled down the Main Highway during the ‘commuter rush hour’ here on the shore in the sequence we saw them.


Yes he is in the fast lane, and the slow lane.combines on Rte13 (2)

Now the slow lane and the shoulder. The green car tried to pass on the right, and is in the ditch i think.combines on Rte13 (3)  combines on Rte13 (4)

  These are grain heads that go on the front of a combinecombines on Rte13 (5)

And this is one of the two combines leading this mornings parade. Jealous aren't ya?????combines on Rte13 (1)Now don’t you wish you lived here and commuted on Rt. 13 ???? The great stuff you would see. Not to mention the ‘chicken trucks’ heading to the Perdue Plant.

Our final destination was Ricci and Rick’s  Daylily Farm. You can visit them too at 

Beatrice will tell you more about that part of our trip. I will only show you the most expensive daylily they sell called Happy Happy (that is what i would be if i could afford one at just $250.00 each)

Happy_HappyTomorrow’s adventure is

“Offensive Driving School for the Ancient”


Lois Evensen said...

Oh, my, obviously not much fin driving, but that day lily is gorgeous. I take it this is one that Ricci and Rick have grown from seed after cross pollination?

Anonymous said...

Hi Lois,
WOW you are the 'Quick Bunny' today. I am not sure if they did the hybridizing or grew from seeds. It was sort of overwhelming to see all these daylily's in one field and little kids running all over. I got so confused i just let them pick 10 for $40 and we will pick them up in early september. This is just the show off period. Beatrice will have more. Are you guys home yet????? or just 'cruzin' down the highway????

Anvilcloud said...

Happy Happy sure is pretty though.

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