Sunday, June 6, 2010

Finally, A Voice for the Farmer!!!!

I think that we all knew that a Pro-Farm voice would rise out of the corn field one day. Sort of like the Cavalry coming through the soy beans to save us all. Now don’t get your bibs in a bunch just because he’s from Alabama and wears a Cowboy hat. AND even though he lost his bid in Alabama, I bet in the near future we’ll see him hit the National scene with a real bang. Take a look at his last campaign ad and ya’ll will see what i mean. I know ya’ll gonna like it.

Now how can you not love this guy. Says what he means and means what he says. AND when was the last time you saw a candidate who could quote Dr. Seuss. When he finally get here he’ll have my vote. Any good ole boy who carries the same rifle i do is OK by me. I do have some reservations though. He never mentions Cargill Inc. or Monsanto Inc. or the big corporate farm conglomerates, or the ‘multi-national’ weasels who grow food here and ship it elsewhere. AND what is with that orange Jap tractor he has????? Doesn’t he know real patriots have ‘mean GREEN from Moline’ tractors. BUT i guess the publicity folks will take care of that shortly.  For more Dale info go to

Today’s contest is ID the rifle Dale has on his shoulder. For you non-NRA members here is a hint- It is a Winchester.

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