Sunday, March 21, 2010

We discover the National Sport of Mooorocco

What a day. We all decided that we needed some new fleas (Youngest Daughter said hers were dirty). So off we went to the market and got to see colorfully dressed and pierced folks sporting some very exotic body art. We roamed and had a great time. Lunch was a real surprise. We slide into a cute little greasy fork (not quite up to spoon level) and ordered some of the more exotic local foods. After some time, our server came back and apologized about the long wait but someone had forgotten to go catch another Dog so our Hot Dogs would be slightly delayed. We were assured that the offender was being flogged as we waited and if we wanted we could go observe. We declined blaming empty stomachs syndrome. When our lunch did arrive, our server announced that it was "on the house" due to the delay. I realized this was literally true on my third bite, finding a piece of shingle left over from breakfast.

But all of this was just an overture to our introduction to the National Sport of Mooorocco. Now being in the Cud Chewing Capital of the Country one would suspect that this sport would include the skill involved in balancing Bovines, or the ability to sail Cow Pies the furthest, maybe even Amish Buggy Death Racing. Alas it was none of these exciting, under appreciated, and little known sporting events.

As we approached the giant pirate ship, sails a flutter and banners snapping in the breeze our excitement rose to a fever pitch. Even though we had participated in the sport many years ago, we had never played at this level of Miniature Golf. The round was 18 hole of cut throat duffing. In and out of water traps, mountains, strange obstacles. On and On it went till the final hole where our balls disappeared. The standing at the end of this dueling shootout was:

1. Boyfriend
2. Grenville
3. Beatrice
4. Youngest Daughter (pouting a little)

As mentioned prior diner was Youngest Daughters treat at a recommended Italian spot. To make it short, the eatery did not live up to it's reputation. Of course with Beatrice and I not many do make the grade above adequate. But the company and the banter made up for the lack of gastronomical excitement. a second Zantac when we got back to our room and it was off to la la land.

Today is the final leg back to the Frog and PenguINN after 6 days on the road (and I'm gonna make it home tonight!!!) Sorry 'bout that little song attempt and apologies to Hank Snow.

See ya tomorrow.

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