Monday, March 29, 2010

Gotta new strut

Remember last week when the new exercise program started? Well to mow the grass where we park I had to move our pick-up. Went to start it and it went RRRRR, RRRRR, RRRRR, but no VROOOOMMMMM... I'm sure you've heard those fateful noises once or twice. Usually in conjunction with miserable weather or when time is of the essence and you are already late. In this case it was something about not running it for a while and the battery goes dead. No problem though. Got the jumper cables out from behind the seat, popped the hood on the pick-up, propped up the hood with the hood propper, hooked the jumper cables to the battery, pulled the Cherokee up to the pick-up, popped the hood, opened it, let it go (cause it has those nice gas struts to hold it open) and down it came like a guillotine. So I lifted the hood again, stood back, let go. Down it came like a guillotine again. Had my car been possessed? Could this be a maniacal car wanting to decapitate me? Should I check the title to make sure the last owner wasn't 'Christine' King?

Not to be outdone by a possessed car, I grabbed a hunk of 2x4. Opened the hood slowly, quickly shoved the 2x4 in and let go. AHA!!!! the hood remained open (but thought I heard some straining sounds near the 2x4).

The middle of the story is dull until this morning. I had called my good friend (especially when I have my credit card in hand) Woody who said 'bring'er in an we'll have a look'. So off we went this morning to solve the decapitation by auto problem. Long story short, they replaced the struts, they did an all point checkup on the cranial separator and found a burned out stop light (most likely the root of the whole problem) and replaced it, they even vacuumed out the car (a possible cause of new problems).

When I got home I found that the replaced stop light is not working again. I'm sure it is some sort of vicious scheme to lure me to open the hood so the beheading can resume. Tomorrow I'll hang garlic in the car and hope Beatrice can handle it. Wednesday we will stop to see Woody!!!!

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