Friday, July 6, 2018

Grand 4th Holiday

July 4th was a grand day for the USA and for us at home. 

We celebrated the USA's #242nd birthday here in Nashua, NH. In the morning, we walked downtown to see an auto show. Here's a photo recap of a previous post.
That evening we watched fireworks from the river walk near the mill apts. My digital camera has a fireworks setting, but it didn't allow for leaving the shutter open during bursts. The second photo below made me think of the line "rockets red glare" from the Star Spangled Banner song.

I was handholding the camera, which, of course, meant some some jumpy shots. Several of these seemed interesting to me.
Our viewing spot had a large pole that displayed in many photos. I had to do some "creative" cropping to salvage some shots. Next year, I'll select a different location and maybe a different camera. (Visit The AC is On to see posts with great fireworks photos by a fellow blogger. John has included helpful tips as well.)

But not all was lost. Here's a colorful collage with some of my "salvaged" photos. While some individual shots may not have worked well, collectively they looked so much better!
All three grandchildren were together in PA for the July 4 holiday. The two oldest grands, Bobby and Ellie, and their mother visited youngest granddaughter Lilliana and her family.
They were a very colorful trio. This photo sent by Bobby & Ellie's mom brought smiles to our day.


Sandra said...

awesome photos of the fireworks, wow. and there are four of the car show I want to own.. so beautiful

DUTA said...

Blue, red, white colors as opposed to black and grey - are very suitable for cars as they do not mingle with the color of the road, and enable the car to be easily spotted by the other drivers.

These are some greatly amazing pictures of fireworks!

William Kendall said...

Outstanding fireworks shots!

DeniseinVA said...

Great 4th of July post, you captured some really beautiful fireworks and the last one of the grands is so sweet.

Red said...

Colorful cars and fireworks.

Connie said...

Beautiful fireworks shots! Nice collage of shots too. Cute picture of the grands. :)