Sunday, January 19, 2014

Getting Scarier

Oh Yea!!!!! Scarier may not be a big enough word to cover my feelings. I may have to advance to the 'T' word. If you thought the "Robo-Toity" was bad, hold on to your undies. Today i found that you may not even be safe in the woods. Nope, not even in the remotest part of the globe. You may still be within reach of the Internet Hackers. This little beauty comes complete with solar panel, battery, cellular or satellite connection, and high def flat panel.  This could turn into an evolutionary disaster. Just think, bears find this and stop pooping in the woods. Next they start sending emails and instant messaging their furry friends. Pretty soon there is a line of critters demanding "net time".  Suddenly no one is pooping in the woods, no fertilization, trees go extinct, greenhouse gasses skyrocket, the ozone hole  opens completely and the planet fries. I wonder if it will be covered by CNN??? On the bright side, the critters won't be texting while running and getting hurt. But then there won't be any trees left to run into.

News today is they have traced where many of the scam emails have been coming from. Hang on folks, this is a good one. An IT Security Tech at an un named company was bored and started tracing where some spam messages were coming from. It was SPAM BOTS!!!! Thats right, Robo Spammers. These are the folks that call up and tell you your computer is infected, offer you a 'free' something, or disguise a spam email as an official something and if you don't 'click here' (go ahead, click there...... nothing will happen) the world as you know it will end. Any thing to get you to 'click here'. The next thing your computer is seized and starts sending SPAM. And you probably won't even know it. Every time you turn on your 'zombie'  computer it will be sending out thousands of spam emails.

Remember the good old days when tweaking and hacking a garage door remote was high tech???? Remember all the laughs you got riding down the street and watching all the doors open as you passed???? Come on, admit it. Maybe it wasn't you doing it, but you thought it was cool.

WELL, the Spammers and Hackers have moved well into the digital
age. They have truly embraced the 'Internet of Everything'. That IT Security Tech finally was able to track the source of one spam email to of all things, a refrigerator. YEP, that nice fridge that told you the milk was turning was also sending thousands of spam emails between defrost cycles.
And what about the 'iCow' that the fridge text messaged to auto milk, homogenize, pasteurize, and ship your milk. All so it is ready when your 'Transfridgerator' comes thru the drive in. Scarrrrryyyyyy!!!!!!

I was watching an episode of Downton Abbey where the big problem was that the chimney for the wood cook stove  in the kitchen wasn't drawing properly and thus not heating and pushing smoke into the kitchen. What do you think Mrs. Padmor and Daisy would think of this.

And then there is the phenomenon of the Social Networking. Everyone telling everyone else what they are doing. And lets face it, some of the stuff that is shared should be shuttered instead.  My big quandary is whether anyone is listening or reading any of this drivel?? Really, when would they have time????  With minute by minute texts of their comings and goings, who would have time to read what anyone else is doing. But then, would anyone really care??
Soon all their 'social networking' devices will be chronicling their 'oh so exciting' lives. Maybe then someone will read this stuff.
Now i know what your thinking. I would caution you before uttering "What Next????" It may become the Utter that doesn't make it over the fence. But what do I know?????
Grenville (unplugging EVERYTHING!!!!!)


Sandra said...

i sometimes would like the courage to unplug from the internet... i have a niece who has her smart phone connected to FB and it post every place she IS at the time... it says Name is at church with the address, or at Red Robin, once it said LAX airport... crazy stuff

Anvilcloud said...

You're on a roll Grenville.

Triumph said...

I'm enjoying your ramblings. It wasn't long ago when I told people I don't want a cell phone because I like it when people can't call me. Now I pull mine out every 15 minutes to check on things. We are hooked on our tech "conveniences" and sometimes they bite us back.

DeniseinVA said...

Oh Grenville, say it ain't so! Don't know where this is all going to end up, that's for sure.

Anonymous said...

And that's the reason I'll never! get a fridge or toilet with internet connection :-)

I have never understood why people need to show every meal they have on facebook or every little thing they're doing. It sort of make me feel sorry for them for not having anything real to do :-)

Have a great day!

Emma Springfield said...

This is your digital alarm clock speaking. I know what time you went to bed last night and what time you fell asleep. Do you think I like being the bad guy that woke you so early? You are right... I did!

All kidding aside, I believe we leave ourselves open to far too many things like this when we give up total privacy as we have. Some things are not meant to be shared.

A Quiet Corner said...

One year, I disconnected while on vaca...hmmmm...there's something to think about...:)JP

Daisy said...

The way technology has invaded and taken over nearly every aspect of our lives these days, the thought of unplugging can be very appealing.

Elaine said...

I believe I will just muddle along with my low tech appliances!

Montanagirl said...

HaHa! Very good post! I don't do Facebook - As you said, too much drivel and not enough substance. I am really pretty uninterested in who just had their morning coffee, or whose kid just peed on the floor.

William Kendall said...

Stuff like this makes me wonder if Skynet, from the Terminator films, hasn't already set up shop.

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