Thursday, January 23, 2014

ES Snowfall

Have you ever heard the Christmas song "Snowfall"? It is one of my favorites. But more favorite is a real snow fall here at the F&P. And that is what we went to sleep to last night. Howling wind, blowing snow and arctic temperatures. But the beauty after the storm this morning was worth it.
First Light

Now i'm not one for getting up to much before the sun. I really wouldn't want to take his job. AND even then i'm usually a little groggy. But this morning was so glorious i was the first one to grab a camera (i know,,,, hard to believe.) Even before i got the coffee i was clicking away. It is a little hard to see, but in the upper middle pic above, the little white dot is the setting half moon. The lower right is the sun rising.
Frosty Window Panes
A morning that starts out at 12 F degrees is Arctic for the Eastern Shore. Although I'm sure our friends in Alaska and Montana are laughing about now saying "thats balmy." The blowing snow and the ultra chilly air last night gave us a great frost display on the windows this morning. Even the screens on the inside of the storms got some crystal frosting.
Frosted Pines
Even with all of the wind overnight our pines held onto their lovely frosting. I thought about lighting a nice fire on our meadow patio but about this time i was losing feeling in my hands. 
"How many days till Spring?"
YEP, even our feathered friends were feeling the chill. I found these guys waiting for breakfast to be brought out by the Princess.

I've always loved the day after a snowfall. The air is so crisp and fresh. The sky so clear and vivid blue. And this morning was no disappointment.
Morning after sky
Back lit by the winter sun, even the clouds were dramatic this morning. 
This was my second foray out into the frigid morning. I had finally found a pair of gloves that were thin enough to manipulate the camera but still keep my fingers slightly warm. BUT then my zoom decided it had had enough of this and froze up. Thankfully it is not an "Internet Ready" camera. No telling what it might have done. 
We hope all of you who got this storm stayed safe and sound and got to enjoy some of natures beauty.
Grenville (Thawing his zoom)


Unknown said...

How do you keep the camera working when it is so cold? I.e. 3 here this morning!...:)JP

Sandra said...

we are at a freezing for us 38 this morning....and the air smells so good out there.. i like those frosted pines... beautiful snow scenes

Anvilcloud said...

No, 12F isn't balmy. It's just not a deep freeze. Glad you had some snow, courtesy of the polar vortex. It has been a very cold winter here for the most part although we did have a nice thaw last week. This week has been frigid, however.

possum said...

Wish all your pics had made it thru the freeze, but the few I saw were nice. This would have been a fun storm if it were not so durned cold.
Cousin Mike, training for the Iditarod up in Akiak, Alaska, has warmer temps than we have. Go figure that one! They are afraid the ice might melt since the rivers become their highways and short cuts in the winter.

Out on the prairie said...

Sometimes I shoot with knit mittens over my gloves.It has been so cold they delayed school over it.

NCmountainwoman said...

Glad you braved the cold and shared such lovely photographs.

Montanagirl said...

Your photos are beautiful! I just love a new snow - it makes the whole world look fresh and clean. We have 2 degrees above zero this morning.

Connie said...

Lovely snowy scenes! Very pretty to see, but I'm ready for spring to return anytime now.

Anonymous said...

Thank you all for your comments. This is all a new challenge for me since I'm an amateur at photography. Beatrice says "just keep shooting" This morning (Thursday) started off at 4f degrees. Arctic for here. As Possum said, 'it's colder,here than Alaska'
Go figure,it.

Elaine said...

You captured some lovely photos!! I heard your weather referred to as the Arctic Express last night, but we get what is called the Pineapple Express for the warm temps up from the tropics. And, yes, it's absolutely colder there than Alaska--we've been in the low 30s during the day all week. Hearing water running through the gutters is really not a good thing at this time of year, and warm temperatures like this put a nice glaze on the roads. They're much better when it's down around zero. By the way, I often shoot photos at much colder than you're getting, and you just have to snuggle the camera down under your coat when you're not clicking away. If you feel cold you go in for a bit and warm up the hands and camera, and then you're good to go again. Enjoy the snow while you have it. (And, yeah, you are hearing a bit of chuckling coming from up North!)

William Kendall said...

Gorgeous shots!

Triumph said...

Great pictures of a beautiful morning! We had a dreary foggy week here but the sun returned yesterday.

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