Thursday, October 3, 2013

Just Keep Swimming

That's what I kept thinking when I saw this exhibit at the Aquarium of Niagara Falls, remembering the 2003 film, Finding Nemo film and Dory's advice.
Nemo in aquarium
Did you spot Nemo the clownfish?
Nemo in aquarium2
This is not a major aquarium by any means. Most likely we would have bypassed it if not included as part of an Adventure Pass in which a single price provides admission to various attractions, including The Maid of the Mist boat, Casa Loma, and the Royal Ontario Museum, all of which we wanted to do and see. The aquarium was sort of a "bonus." 
But on an afternoon when rain was threatened (luckily never happened) it was a good way to be indoors. Also, as we arrived late in the day, there were no bus crowds, which made exploring easier as this is a small space. Photographing aquatic exhibits in dim light is always trickily with available light, but some colorful results . . .
Colorful fishColorful fish2
The aquarium opened as a privately owned corporation in summer 1965. It was founded by a small group of chemists and scientists to introduce an artificial seawater. It soon became a model for the operation of inland aquaria. Technology was applied for the first time on a large scale in the preparation, handling and management of synthetic seawater.
Aquarium collage
The Aquarium was established as an institution for education and recreation in an area with high visitation and historical dependency on the natural resources of the Great Lakes. It served students, scientists and visitors from throughout the region. Community support was strong; the innovative inland aquarium won acceptance. 
Penguins collage
Over 1,500 aquatic animals live at the Niagara Falls aquarium, representing ecosystems ranging from the Great Lakes to coral reefs. Highlights include over 40 exhibits starring California sea lions, Peruvian penguins, seahorses, sturgeon and more. Of course, our personal favorites were these penguins. Check out those colorful feet, no need for fancy footwear . . .
Penguin feet
In 1977, the principal the aquarium's principal owner established Sea Research Foundation, Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to education and research. The aquarium became part of this foundation, a leader in marine research, deep-sea exploration and hands-on education.Then, In 1994, it was transferred to a local group, the Niagara Aquarium Foundation which continues the institution’s tradition of education, research, and wildlife conservation. 
Sea horses lion fish
Favorites of mine include sea horses and lionfish; everything about the showy lionfish screams Don't Touch from its zebra-like stripes, long, showy pectoral fins, and cantankerous disposition. Its venom from an array of up to 18 needle-like dorsal fins, is purely defensive; it uses camouflage and lightning-fast reflexes to capture prey, mainly fish and shrimp. A lion fish sting is very painful to humans and can cause nausea and breathing difficulties, but is rarely fatal. Seahorses, upright swimming relatives of the pipefish, are unique not just because of their equine shape, but unlike most other fish, they are monogamous and mate for life and they are among the only animal species on Earth in which the male bears the unborn young.
Seals collage
But these were the biggest stars of our aquarium visit, the sea lion demonstration. Children of all ages crowded in to see this show, including Grenville and myself.
But, then we suspect you already knew we were kids at heart.


Doris said...

I love an aquarium! Your pictures are wonderful. Several years ago (it's probably more than several since time has a way of flying!) we saw a seahorse display at Baltimore. It was my favorite. Thanks for sharing all the interesting facts!

Arija said...

What a lovely post! Information, great looking creatures and excellent captures under the circumstances. Certainly good entertainment for a rainy afternoon.

Sandra said...

the feet, the feet, I love those FEET... Happy Feet for sure and I would love to see that seahorse to... the fish are so pretty

Daisy said...

Wonderful pictures, Dorothy! I find aquariums to be very tranquil, peaceful places. Looks like you got to see some very colorful and interesting species.

possum said...

WOW! What great shots! Lucky for me they all made it!
I LOVE aquariums.

Rebecca said...

I love an aquarium that I don't have to clean! I used to live in Hawaii and Tonga and just love salt water fish.

Out on the prairie said...

Love it, I have nemo shower hooks to go with my ocean theme

A Quiet Corner said...

What a reminder for me! I always had fish tanks...started with a 10 gallon, ended up with a 100 gallon!...:)JP

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