Saturday, November 5, 2011


NO, not in the sense of a PC backup, but a bathroom problem – no sh*t – or anything else.bathrm problem (1)
And, of the two back-up choices, a bathroom problem is NOT the one you want to have cause it’s serious and potentially more costly.

Grenville blogged about the attacks of the electro-gremlims which started on our NH road trip, then continued on our Oct 31 arrival home with the failure of the tabletop Sirius internet radio, downed network, weather station outage, and finally Grenville’s cell phone going for a wash.

Latest incident is the back-up of the second floor bathroom, which Grenville battled with most of Friday and is continuing to work on this morning.

Bad news is that we only have one full bath, sadly the one with the” problem.” Our YMCA membership came in very handy for exercise AND showers yesterday and possibly today as well.

Luckily, Grenville’s background includes plumbing know-how. He and his “helpers” of drain-clearing chemicals and (very long) snake have been fighting the battle.
And winning (hopefully) cause a few minutes ago, he announced a tentative VICTORY –  water was going down.

But, just to be sure, he’s adding more drainage cleaner and re-checking later.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad it got solved!
Someone that lived in this cottage previous to me had washed their aquarium sand in the bathroom and lots of sand had gone down the drains.

So I had to call for the suage guys to come and "vacuume" the whole system. The sand was stuck as if it was glued to the pipes but eventually they got it all out. Not cheap!

Have a great day!

Daisy said...

Oh, how I hate it when we have plumbing problems! I hope yours are solved by now and things are back to normal for you.

Montanagirl said...

Ah, maybe the Gremlins were getting even with you! lol

grammie g said...

Hi B...I think perhaps you should be looking into who is living in your home while you are : } away ...or maybe it is your lonely plumbing getting back at you for going away and leaving it along for so long : }
No matter the reason it is a pain when those things is a good thing Grenville is a handy man "or is he" water coming through the ceiling is there?? ; }

Hope the rest of your weekend goes better!!

Don't unplug your hub said...

It's nice to be appreciated. Good on you Grenville.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Christer, your problem sounded as bad as our own.

Daisy, Grenville thought he had success, but now looks like we will need a plumber to come in.

Mona, those gremlins may well be getting even for our being away so long.

Hi Grace (grammie G.) yes we think there may be something to leaving a house on its own for too long - it seems to be getting "even" for being abandoned. yes, Grenville is quite handy and NO water came through the ceiling. He is very competent.

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