Thursday, November 10, 2011


Have you ever been lulled into that false sense of security that a ‘free flowing drain’ gives ya?????


Well that’s what really really happened last Sunday. Monday morning it was another story with a really sh*tty plot. The kind that didn’t need a backup plot, because it was one.

I’m sure that many of you have heard of Ben Franklin, the national franchise plumber. Well locally it is one of the better plumbers. Unfortunately he doesn’t wear the BF Tights…. OUCH,, that mental image just burned my brain. BUT, he fears no clogs, until now!!!!!!

Jack got here at 9:30 and finally left at 4:30. Besides a nice power snake, that finally gave up and twisted itself into a knot INSIDE THE MACHINE!!!! he also has a nifty camera.

drain 1

So what are we looking at?????? Well this is about 12 feet down the upstairs drain and that bright spot is the water sitting at the bottom in the elbow. So down the snake went and when it finally came back up it had found the clog and it was ‘TREE ROOTS"’…. OH NO!!!!!

The snake spent the rest of the day going up and down in the drain ripping out more and more root material. Tonight the ‘Root X’ goes in at bedtime to kill off what ever live roots are still down there.

Good news is that checking the septic tank showed hardly any solids and no need to be pumped out (save $350). Bad news is, running the camera up the main line from the septic tank found a dip in the old cast iron line that needs to be raised or just replace the entire line with plastic and be done with it (lose $1200 but save large Chiropractor bill). We have decided to save that for after the Thanksgiving Holiday. You gotta learn to space out this kind of fun. Moderation in all things. Pace yourself. Another plus is not having to hose myself down on the patio tonight in lieu of a shower :-) .

I hope the Princess has something good for the Friday Funny…. i really need it!!!!!!

Grenville (Drained but Free Flowing)


Anvilcloud said...

Not fun at all! Spending money on plumbing is not how we want to use our resources. Oh well.

Anonymous said...

Roots in the plumbing is awful! I dread the day it will happen here but the good thing is that I only have a few yards with pipes so it wouldn't cost to much to replace it.

Have a great day despite it all!

Cicero Sings said...

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh! Just had my septic cleaned ... such a relief to know all is well in the plumbing department. BUT, my neighbours had theirs done at the same time and were told roots were invading their septic tank. Oh gulp.

Elaine said...

You'll need more than the Friday Funny! I prescribe more of that yummy carrot bread, and perhaps a cinnamon roll or two.....

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