Saturday, November 5, 2011

Conquering the Clog

Well i think i have conquered the clog. So what is the real story?????

Remember the Electro Gremlin problems????? Well after returning home we discovered that one of the EG’s had invaded our home network. In fact even this morning i was finding some of its dastardly deeds. It had secretly turned off the WI-FI to the upstairs router That meant very poor throughput in the bedroom. Reading the morning news in bed by candle light while having coffee was nearly impossible. A near tragedy!!!!

So after catching the last of them i tossed the little bugger into the food processor and gave it a ride. For good measure i added a little olive oil, and flushed the whole mess down the toilet. Unbeknownst to me, EG’s being electrical, have wires, which when chopped up become frayed and turn into hook like structures. AND yes they can catch on old cast iron pipes that have funky gunky stuff clinging to the sides. Another unknown to me was that since they evolved from transformers they can recongiel into a new mutant critter.

The short version of yesterday and today is, half a day of plunging theLav3 toilet, removing the toilet, half a day of working a 25’ snake up and down the pipe, 1 gallon of drain cleaner left over night, and another hour of snaking this morning. Presto!!!!, the clog let lose and slid off into the septic tank to be devoured by waste eating bacteria.

The test comes tomorrow morning when i strain the funky gunk from the tub, drain it, reinstall the toilet, and try the first flush. Keep your fingersLav2 crossed and say a prayer to the dLav1rain gods!!!!


Anonymous said...

I hold my thumbs as we do for good luck here in Sweden!
I hate it when things like that happens!

Have a great day and good luck!

Lois Evensen said...

It's hard to be happy when you have a clogged toilet. :( I'm glad you got it all cleaned up - or is it out? ;)

Snapper II said...

I'mwishing you good luck with the clog blog. Ohhh Woweeeeee.

Sandra said...

hope it all works properly when you are finished today. i laughed when i saw this because our commode just ran over when hubby flushed it about 30 minutes ago. not funny laugh but laugh at life or cry laugh.

Anvilcloud said...


possum said...

There is a Turkish phrase which is used to mean "Get well, soon," but literaly says, "May it pass quickly."
So, I will say Getchmish olsun. May it pass quickly and keep on passing! LOL!

possum said...

geçmiş olsun !
I got it to print! Yeah!

Scott said...

Well all I can do is wish you best of luck on this one.

Sorry I've been gone, my blog disappeared while I was in New England. I've put up a new one here to keep up for now.

OBTW . . . Thanks for your tips on visiting New England, we had a wonderful time and I hope my blog photos will help attest to that. I've only just begun.

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