Friday, July 15, 2011

What’s a Birthday?????

Who’s birthday???? Oh yea,,, its mine!!!!! So i guess i will have to admit that as of today i am eligible for Social Security. Of course if the country goes into default in August i guess i can kiss that good-by. Does anyone else see shades of 1929??????

There have been so many Birthday wishes that answering in the comments just doesn’t seem right so here goes:


YES Lois, MamaBug, Denise, and Ginnie, it has been a really nice day here. Never hit 80F today AC,  which makes two days in a row.No cake yet Grace, but a nice double scoop of ice cream on the porch earlier. I did get a little relaxing in Cicero, a quick ride in the hammock.

Now someone asked what i did today. Well i’m sure someone will. Lets see, Opened the greenhouse, checked the crops, picked some yellow squash and cucumbers and tomatoes (they are just starting.) Then put the new throttle cable on our small row tiller, rebuilt the platform for one of our trailers, dropped the hay wagon off to a neighbor so he could fill it with grass clippings (Green manure for the fall), cut the grass front and back, ate ice cream on the front porch with the Princess, emptied the hay wagon and went for a second load, went for a hammock ride, and now hangin’ out with you’se guys.

Like Beatrice said, next is dinner at the Inn & Garden in Onancock (one of the suburbs of the Greater Onley Metro Area.) Here are some update pics of the crops.

crops 1 Those are tomatoes in the center, along with squash, zuc’s, cuc’s, corn, beans, and carrots (I hope). Sunday will be the Corn & Rib Festival here. Let us know if you can stop in.

peachesIt’s a little hard to see but the center pic is our peach tree, which is loaded this year. SOOOO the peaches in the freezer are going to turn into a Peach Pie for Sunday. The other pics are of the Butterfly Meadow. We are getting Monarchs, Swallowtails, Fritillaries,  and lots of bumble bees.



Out on the prairie said...

You are busy, have a grand day

Picturit said...

Happy Birthday great pics glad you getting plenty of butterflies and bees. Thanks for your comment on my post As for identification on 4 and 6 I think 4 is a Large White and I know 6 is a Leafhopper.

grammie g said...

Hey cake yet???
I know it gets to be just another day after you get to the Social Security age!!!
Speaking of that ya about better make sure you pack away as much of that garden as you can...who knows whats next!!
Looks great to !!!

Country Gal said...

Lovely photos.
Wow day for your birthday, you should be relaxing , kicking back on this day , it is your B-day after all.

Anvilcloud said...

Well, you deserved to take it easy on your birthday. Oh, waydaminit ...

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