Thursday, July 7, 2011

Got Jugglers????

Sometimes i wonder about that. It seems lately that I'm juggling a few balls and spinning a couple of plates all at the same time.

The biggest and bestest news is about the Historic Onley Train Station. This is a project i have been in for a few years as many of you will remember. You may also remember that the Station is in need of a roof replacement which will cost about $10,000. Well last night at our Town meeting, the council appropriated the money for our roof. This has been a three year struggle and finally this year the Town had enough in reserve funds to pay for the new roof. More on this as it happens.

The veggies are starting to mount up. Poor Beatrice is sometimes inundated with our daily harvest. I can tell cause she runs from the kitchen screaming. Right now we have zucchini, yellow squash, beets (love them), cucumbers, and green beans being picked. Tomatoes and corn soon i hope.

IMG_0393IMG_0398 ThIMG_0399e on-going ‘Fun on the Fen’ project is going well. Last week we spread 305 tons of gravel to resurface the access road and create a parking area. Next is replacing the tractor i use up there.

The next fun event is teaching a week of Eastern Shore Ecology at Camp Occohannock on the Bay. This is a project of the Master Naturalist chapter i belong to. Somehow i got talked into running it this year. The middle school week is ending tomorrow. My week is July 18-22 for Elementary school age kids (9-12). A lot of logistical planning involved and finding volunteer helpers.

This is followed closely by the arrival of our granddaughter at the end of July and spending some time with her.

Then right on to the world famous “Watershed Walk” where you can learn everything you ever wanted to know about the watershed you live in. Well maybe just the watershed we live in. A fun day with 25-30 environmental agencies and groups educating kids and adults a like. My job???? Coordinate the exhibitors. This will be my third year so it is getting a lot easier.

There is more but i don’t want to boor those of you that have stayed awake till now. So if i sort of seem absent in the coming weeks, now you know why.

But a hint of upcoming events is “Autumn in Onley” at the Historic Onley Station. One of the few places you can experience an old time Small Town Fall Festival. And you can buy the ‘Brooklyn Bridge’ while you are here.



grammie g said...

Hey Grenville...weel it seems there will be no grass growing under your feet...well at least you won't have to mow the lawn!! haha!!

Don't unplug your hub said...

You haven't bored me but I sure do feel tired.

Daisy said...

You do sound like you have a lot going on to keep track of. I know how it is with trying to keep up with the garden produce. I don't have a garden now, but can remember from year's past how that goes.

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