Tuesday, April 26, 2011

F&P Farm Update

Spring has really been good to us. We have avoided tornados and sever t-storms so far. BUT that also means we haven’t had much rain so watering is a daily chore now. Temps have been in the upper 70’s to 80’s most days and the soil is finally warming up enough to get planting next week.

Green house doings:












Hard to tell from the top picture but the Train Station Sale veggies are coming along. The green tray are our veggies for the garden. Tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, broccoli, and Basil. The monster plant is a broccoli that i started late in the winter. It has one small head starting. The bottom is one of five Chinese Red Maples courtesy of Possum, who was yanking out the saplings. Three are in the ground and getting used to being here and two are in pots cause i don’t know where they will go yet.IMG_0083

This one is a pallet of Viburnums and Forsythias donated by Hortco Nursery for the Train Station Sale. They needed some tender loving care so they are hanging out next to our green houseIMG_0884 for some remedial therapy.

You might remember last month I started working on a Butterfly and Hummingbird Meadow as a wildlife habitat project (and to reduce the amount of grass we have to cut). After letting it sit for 3 weeks and re-tilling to get the last weeds, and then hand weeding a little more, we seeded and mulched it today. IMG_0072 Again if you remember way, way back when we had the Maple tree in the front of the house taken down i had them leave all of the wood chips. Today the chips got spread over the new wildflower meadow. It will be about three weeks before we start seeing the wild flowers popping up through the mulch. Hopefully we WILL NOT see any weeds or misplaIMG_0057ced grass.

Blueberries are still looking sad even with watering each day. BUT the new peaches have really taken a liking to their new home in the orchard.

We are expecting on and off showers and T-storms over th enext few days so outside work will be on hold. Next::::: The Battle of the Giant Alien Grasses. Bring your mower if you dare!!!!! <evil grin>



Anvilcloud said...

I was wondering how you would get enough mulch for a garden that size. It's expensive by the bag full.

Daisy said...

Everything is looking great! I've always wished to have peach trees, but I think we live too far north for them to do very well.

possum said...

Looking GOOD!
Got any zucchinis?
Growing any green baseball bats this year?

grammie g said...

Hey Grenville...your green thumb is starting to blind me hahaha!!
I haven't been doing much with my green thumb ,but it is twitching now!!
Hope you all stay safe down there!!

Anonymous said...

They all look so good!

I must buy the stuff I need so I can start building my greenhouse soon! I want to be able to start early too.

My blueberry plants however looks fine, two of them will start to flower any day now if the sun keeps on warming up the air :-)

Have a great day!

Elaine said...

I am having a bit of garden envy. Last night was the first night we had above freezing, but the snow is retreating rapidly. My flower bed just has a few patches of snow but the whole back side of the yard is still covered and what isn't is pretty soggy. But, I did see a few tiny green shoots! Our safe planting date isn't until June 1, so the next month will be a lot of cleanup and getting ready.

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