Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Larry Ward Update….

YEPPERS, Worcester County candidate Larry Ward is really on the move and has updated and expanded his campaign message.

straw tractor (1)  His newly painted straw tractor is really getting some attention. Good thing he painted it the correct colors so as to garner the agricultural vote. But we wonder what is behind his new message?

manure wagonSomehow a manure wagon, and a very large one at that, seems to us a strange message vehicle.  We have heard of campaigns resorting to ‘Mud Slinging’ but this may be a real political first.


Elaine said...

Perhaps he is collecting the manure in preparation for the slinging of the mud, which is sure to happen soon. It always does as it gets close to the election. I do like his tractor though.

possum said...

Perhaps the wagon is a true statement... the wagon is empty because he is full? Like so many politicians or would be politicians?
We don't need to look too far to see the truth in that statement, do we?
I do understand if you delete this remark. But you know it is true!

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