Sunday, February 28, 2010

Taking it on the Chin

Speaking from recent personal experience, these words are much less painful when no physical contact is involved, such as when you are standing up to criticism. Of course, it can be physical too as in receiving the full brunt of say a boxing punch or worse yet falling down and landing on one's chin. Neither is recommended.

Sometimes putting your best foot forward (sorry couldn't resist saying that, OK could, but didn't) is not the best thing when a raised man hole cover gets in the way of your step. And, while the color purple is my favorite color (also a good book and movie title) it's not that pretty when my kneecap is the same color. Thankfully, no bones were broken and the gash on the chin will heal in time. Meanwhile, I get to see how many shades of purple a bruised knee can display. Come to think of it that may be safer than trying to find out how to destroy a man hole cover (not that I'm harboring a grudge).

And having your best friend Grenville bring you a cup of coffee and an ice pack on are things to be thankful for - and I am!

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