Monday, February 1, 2010

February already

WOW how did this happen. Just last week we were celebrating Christmas. Maybe I need a better calendar. SO here it is the day before a bunch of you will sit around and wait for an overweight ground hog to determine if winter is over (as I check the weather station and see it is barely 30 degrees and falling). BUT there is hope. Here on the Shore we have NO GROUND HOGS, and don’t want them. Regular hogs ok, but not the others. Here we'll head down to the creek tomorrow afternoon and see if the muskrats are out. If our  two local celebrity muskrats, Mike and Mindy are out on the beach we’ll all head on home to celebrate the end of winter with some Red Wine and Pongoteague Possum chili. Then get ready to uncover our boats. If they are not out, we’ll all get depressed and head on home to slide deeper into our cabin fever and have some Red Wine and Pongoteague Possum chili. Then get ready to uncover our boats. Here is a picture I took last year at the town beach.

Hope your day is as good as ours will be.

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