Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Special Day

Birthdays are inevitable and unavoidable and that's a really good thing because the alternative is definitely not good news. As you may have read, Beatrice (that would be me) celebrated her birthday today. No need to mention which number. Today was a special day in many ways not because of candies, gifts, cake or candles - although we did light candles in the bedroom this morning with our coffee and will light more tonight. It was a special day because of the thoughtfulness of the many friends and family who sent cards and messages and sang over the phone. Special Thanks to one and all. It's nice to be remembered and very much appreciated. You are all loved.

The love of my life, Grenville, deserves a very special thanks because he makes me smile and laugh in spite of myself - not just on a birthday, but every day (not always an easy thing to do). He is always there with support, encouragement, and most of all his Love. Grenville is definitely the best friend and partner that any Princess could ever want. Every day with him is special and he is very loved very much by Beatrice who thinks he already knows that!

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