Friday, February 12, 2010


Thanks to Beatrice you know what a let down our last bout with winter weather was.

It huffed and it puffed,
and blew snow around.
Then headed up North
to that Baltimore town.

So do you think i have a career in Poetry????? We are hearing of some snow again tonight and then again Monday night. I want to know what happened to those nice mild, muddy winters here on the Shore. I'm investigating a possibly "Enchanted Snow Shovel" one of our neighbors may have bought. It has been standing on her porch right next to the "Charmed Christmas tree" that has been Transmorgrified into a Valentines bush, and still has blinking lights every night.... Of course it could be an approach light for UFOs. Strange happenings

GARDEN NOTES: Still no activity in the BioDome.
More later folks,and pics from the non-storm.
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