Saturday, February 13, 2010


OK... lets make sure that we are on the right line...
qwert hjkl;
Righty, you are down a row,,,, come up one.
qwert yuiop
OK, Now lets try the Capitals....
Ok I think we have it,,,, hey is this thing on??????
I hope not.. lets get started before he wakes up!!!!!!

Good Morning folks. Grenville had a bad night and is still snoozing
Snoring loud enough to rattle the windows is more like it.
OOh whatever. We decided
You mean you decided and dragged me along
OH WHAT EVER!!!!!... we decided to let him sleep in and do the blog this morning on our own.
You might want to tell them who we are Righty.
Oh yea, we are Grenville's fingers. I am Righty Index adn these are my three brothers Middle, Ring, and Pinky, and of course over there is our poor old arthritic Thumb. And that is Lefty and his folks over there.
Oh Righty,,,, you spelled "AND" wrong again.
SO WHAT!!!!! You keep doing double caps, but you don't here me complaining, DO YA!!!!!

OK OK OK it is really hard to tell what the weather is this morning since we don't have any eyes. And we are not real sure what Grenville and Beatrice are doing today since we did't hear anything.
Yea, No ears either. So Righty, tell me again why we are doing this???????

Well I thought it would be a nice surprise.....

OK OK OK Both of you get back to your wrists..... and don't try this again. Sorry but some mornings the body parts have a mind of their own... I'll have more later. Thanks for putting up with the Hand brothers.

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