Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow...NOT Really

After all that blowing snow and gusting wind all day Thursday, there wasn't much snow outside the Frog and PenguINN this morning. We really got off easy compared to friends and family in other parts of the east coast who got snowed in. There was less than 2 inches in the back yard. The only snow drifts we could find were at the side of house and even those were small.
We had shovels by the back door and were ready to dig out - no matter how long it took - which was about 5 minutes to do the back porch and walk.

We braved the still gusty winds to walk along Main Street in search of more snow. Not only were there no huge drifts to manuever, but the roads were clearer than after the previous two snow storms. There wasn't much to be found despite the all day snow alerts and predictions. Really expected to see a LOT more of the white stuff. But, wait, there's talk of yet another snow event possibly heading our way this Monday and going into Tuesday. OK so this might not result in much accumulation either, but we're keeping those shovels by the back door...just in case.

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