Thursday, February 25, 2010


I am really tired of mud. That yucky stuff that oooozzzes up over your boots and then refuses to let you retreive them. The goooeeeyyyy muck that leaves that sucking sound echoing in your ears as your foot slides out of your boot (the one that's being held hostage) and your bare foot sinks into the mud on your next step. Since last fall we have had 36 or so inches of rain which is some sort of record for here. Add in 4 snow storms, almost in a row, that left lots of snow to melt. What does this give an area with a water table that is just 24 inches (thats right barely 2 feet below surface).


And lots of it. A wonderful squishy feel as you walk in the field (and that is on a nice dry day). The area where we park has always had trouble maintaining grass. Yes thats right, we do not have the evil 'Black Top', no stones and not even shells. BUT this year we may have no other choice or we could lose one of the vehicles soon (not to mention the headache from Beatrice complaining about sinking in to her ankles getting out of the car)

On the bright side I was able to get some fresh Magnolia wood from a nieghbor who lost an old Magnolia tree in our first snow storm of the season. Lots of burls and knobs and lumps and bumps, so some nice pieces should come out of this.

**********Weekend Outlook*********
The Eastern Shore Heritage Festival is going on this Saturday (10am-4pm) at the Eastern Shore Community College. This is a free showcase of many of the fine artist, artisans, performers, and services that are found here on the Shore. If you happen to be traveling on US Rt. 13 this Saturday take a moment and stop by. See what make this such a special area. Beatrice and I will be there in room 150 so drop in and say HI

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