Thursday, April 21, 2011

An Eggciting Evening

Yes sirree!!!! We had a true eggstravaganza at the F&P tonight. Since we leave for the Chincoteague Decoy Show early tomorrow morning and won’t get home again till late Saturday evening we egged each other on to follow our Easter Tradition a little early. Hopefully the yoke won’t be on us. So here it is in an eggshell….
eggs 1
The pre-extras are always important. Just a 10 minute boil followed by a really cold water bath. Mixing of the dyes is a eggstended project. Eggsact measurements are essential. Reuse of eggsisting cups and egg wands is a must. All of this so we will have 12 eggstravagant Bunny Buds.
Eggs 2
We will be blogging from the Decoy Show. And hopefully we will even sell something. But even if we don’t it will be a nice mini vacation as we decided that with the price of gas and the prediction of some semi severe weather it would be almost cheaper to stay on the island over night. BUT more on that tomorrow night. Next is Fudge Tracks under some hot fudge!!!!!


Daisy said...

Your eggs look great. The messages on them made me laugh. Good luck at the show!

Lois Evensen said...

That looks like so much fun! :) We'll be on the road so will miss doing this this year.

grammie g said...

Hi Grenville....I happy to see that these things aren't just childs play, and you had a great time...great colors !!
Good luck at the Decoy show !!

Anvilcloud said...

Eggcelent post.

Sandra said...

have fun at the show. this is cool, lets me dye eggs with out the bother.

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