Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Day at the Fair

Yesterday Beatrice and i ventured up to attend The Great Pocomoke City Fair. Now don’t let the name fool you. Pocomoke is by no means a ‘city’, but they do have a downtown and some big box stores on the highway.

Now some of you may remember our old friend Larry Ward who is running for something (think big green straw tractor). Well he was at the fair and better than ever.

IMG_0653So, any idea what Larry has come up with this time??????

IMG_0655 YEP, a straw combine. We were so glad that he kept the John Deere colors.

But there was so much more. Like most country fair the 4H club is a big contributor. Beatrice will have lots of pics of the cute little critters. But at this fair we got to witness an old time favorite, that doesn’t happen much anymore. A greased pig contest. Now the simple thing you must do to win is catch this cute little piggy who has been slicked down with Lard. Now no one told this little piggy what was about to happen. That is why he looks so calm for the moment. This video is of the little kids.

After the greased pig came harness racing which Beatrice will tell you all about.

Another great country fair spectacular is the Tractor Pull. This one was not a ‘sanctioned’ pull. Yes there is a sanctioned Tractor Pull circuit. In fact it comes to Pocomoke every June (we have always missed it). This pull was for antique tractors. WHAT???? you didn’t know folks buy up rusty old tractors and restore them to almost NEW?????

Well they do. Like the sanctioned pulls, they pull in their own weight class and some times add weight to pull in the next higher class. From afar here are some of the pullers for last night.

IMG_0667 IMG_0665

This is the sled that they have to pull. It starts out at 15,000 lbs. and gets progressively heavier as you pull. The feat is how far you can pull it without going overIMG_06763.5 mph. The girl driving that antique Allis Chambers is Elizabeth Bradley. She was the winner in her class at 271.5 feet. Below is the video of Elizabeth's winning pull. Hang on to your seats,,,, this is really really exciting!!!!!

By 9pm Beatrice and i were beat (and i was very full of ‘fair food’) and headed home. Today is ‘Smoked Rib Day’ with some friends. More on this later.


possum said...

The poor little piggy! All he wanted was a little nap. Poor baby!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

It was a very fun day. Let's do it again next year! Maybe you will want to try to catch a greased pig!

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

That greased pig thing is most probably totally forbidden here, even if it looks lik the pig ddidn´t care :-) :-) Our animal protction laws are probably the tooghest in the world and this would most probably be seen as un necessary stress or something like that. But it would have been fun to see grown ups trying with an ols bore :-) :-) :-)

Tractorpulling has never become big here, They have it sometimes but I think it´s over a year since I eard of any competition. I´ve seen it on TV though and think it looks fun :-)

I wsh we could have fairs like this over here!

Hve a great day now!

Anonymous said...

Possum, remember those ribs that were on the smoker yesterday????? I'm kidding.
Hi Crister. I'm sure if PETA ever gets wind of this it will have a fit. BUT this is farm country and PETA folks don't bother us to much. Altough it doesn't look very comfortable for the pig. Maybe just whitling for it.... They are really smart.

Patty said...

Now I know where you got the ribs. Heehe. You are right Grenville. Pigs are smart, as smart as dogs.

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