Sunday, February 14, 2010

Love is Never Out of Season

Hi folks. I'm Finnian X. Frog, Grenville's and Beatrice's neighbor. They are taking a romantic day off (again) and asked me to hop over and do today's blog.

So here it is Valentine's Day. A day to be EXTRA romantic with the one you Love. Extra because romance should be part of your life EVERY DAY.

Like so many holidays, Valentines has turned into a day when folks try to pack a whole year of romance into a single day. Much like Christmas when folks try to stuff "Peace on Earth" into 24 hours and then back to the old ways. I have heard that in some places it has been reduced to just during the Church service and then once you are in the parking lot you are on you own again. And don't even get me started on the amateur drinkers on St. Patrick's Day.

So how can you fit some romance into everyday when you are always in a hurry rushing here and there? Off to work, get the kids to school, activities after school, rushing meals as folks zip in and out of the kitchen. Well here are some ideas.

Finnian's Top 10 Tips for Romance

10. Always kiss your Love good morning. A hug would be good here too.
9. Now and then get up early, and surprise your Love with coffee in bed, maybe light some candles if is still dark.
8. Sneak a note into your Love's stuff so they find it later. You might want to be careful what you put in your note.
7. Call your Love in the middle of the day for NO REASON at all. Remember to tell them that you Love them. A mushy Email or cybercard is another idea.
6. Try to do stuff together. You may have to make the time for this, but even if it is rushed time, it is time together. How about reading a book together, working in the garden together, doing something your Love likes to do (even if you don't) together.
5. Hold hands, hug, kiss often and with feeling. And don't wait till no one is around. Public Displays of Affection (PDAs) are allowed.
4. Have dinner together as often as possible. Try cooking together, or just cooking something special for your Love. Eat by candle light even if the lights are working.
3. Eat slowly. Enjoy the meal and the company. You might even want to talk a little.
2. Turn off the TV, computer, lights, and just talk (like you did when you were dating,,,, remember????).
1. ALWAYS kiss your Love good night. Hug each other to sleep. AND NEVER EVER GO TO BED MAD!!!!!!

So what do you think? Any good ideas there? You can probably come up with lots on your own. You don't have to be a "born romantic" to slip a little romance into your life and remind your Love how important they are to you.

OK OK OK now get out there and get romantic. It's Sunday and most of you don't have to work. Lots of time for hug and kisses and stuff.

Grenville and Beatrice will be back tomorrow, I hope. Today is their "Harry Potter" marathon. They have been reading the books "together" (see romance all over the place) and have waited till today to watch the second, third and fourth movies. I hope they don't fall under any spells or curses, just stay as Charmed as they are.

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Anonymous said...

Loved your 10 top tips...........can you give as some classes? Starting on first grade? I don't know how to post my comment if non of the options fit me.

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