Saturday, February 27, 2010

Live Blogging from the ES Heritage Festival

11:00 am- We are live this morning at the ES Heritage Festival at the ES Community College. This is a shot of the room we are in and the early crowd. Other artists are in other rooms and in the atrium area. There are live musical performanaces and poetry readings going on in the Great Hall sponsored by "Eastern Shores Own" art center. So far there are lots of lookers and hopefully some buyers.

This is a long shot of our Wood N ThingZ display. We will bring you more pics of other artists that are displaying as the day progresses.

12:30 pm- Back again. The crowds are quite large here this year. Here are some of our favorite artists that are here today.

I tried to put captions under each artist but the bolg site is being very uncooperative today and shifting everything around.

Beatrice had some of her photo art here also.

2:30 pm This is a delayed post since we lost the fragile net connection we had. The crowds have thinned out for the most part as is usual at these events. We have both sold some stuff and seen lots of old friends so the day has been good.
Poor Beatrice is still feeling achey after her attempt yesterday to push down a raised manhole cover with her chin. But that is a tale better left to her telling.
So I hope you enjoyed our blog of the day. Till tomorrow, have a beary beary good night.

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